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The entry of digital technologies into the Logistics and Distribution industry has led to the enhanced visibility of logistics operations, which has permeated across the entire supply chain. for economic growth and trade, transport sector is witnessing growth after recession but still is highly affected by global energy prices also, with companies from developed world entering into emerging markets, there is focus towards localization and outsourcing of major transport and logistics facilities by many industries. Companies in this multifaceted sector operate on a highly competitive market sensitive to the economic environment where growing competition and globalized operations make it necessary for logistics service providers (LSPs) to effectively collaborate with partners across the value chain, monitor processes end-to-end and adopt preventive strategies over the more traditional reactive approach to sustain profitability.

Some of today’s key challenges in the Transport & Logistics industry include selecting a successful approach to the followings aspects such as,

  • Government Interests: Governments are investing in transport infrastructure. More projects are coming up in countries lagging in infrastructure and private companies are working in tandem with Governments to build the facilities. In developed countries, there is increased emphasis on efficient maintenance of transportation facilities to reduce waiting times.
  • Operational excellence: Many industry players are facing strong competitive pressure, so cost leadership is another key to success.
  • Service innovation: Customers are open to increasingly outsourcing supply chain and logistics activities to third parties. Flexible and innovative solutions are highly important to gain and retain profitable market share.
  • Increased Outsourcing: Globalized world has made inroads for international companies to enter in new markets. To ensure success in new markets they are increasingly outsourcing their supply chain activities focusing on their core competency spurring growth in this segment. Efficient players in this segment who can manage their systems well will witness faster growth.
  • Regulation and deregulation: Parts of the industry, like postal service operators in Europe, for example, have been facing strong deregulation. Other industry segments are also being seen as strategically important for governments and face regulation or protection.
  • IT Environment Creation: Running global networks with standardized, cost efficient and innovative services is only possible via state-of-the-art IT platforms. The industry is currently investing heavily in this area.

SPB Corp’s Transport and Logistics team can help you unpack the opportunity in your business with our skills and resources to deal with the individual challenges faced by every operator and our unique benchmarking data can be used to provide strategic and financial guidance to financiers and industry operators alike. We understand that Transport and Logistics is an industry with an important part to play in our economic future but the key to that future is in understanding the true potential of logistics immense opportunities for operators and to capitalize on the growing trend towards fully integrated, seamless and borderless supply chains. Our Transportation & Logistics (T&L) Group is dedicated to providing superior merger and acquisition advisory services to companies in a variety of attractive niches that help our clients to improve customer and vendor relationships, realize efficiencies, and utilize assets more productively, enhancing customer and vendor management, optimizing managed transportation to driving digital transformation, our solutions empower industrial goals to improve service delivery and drive customer centricity. With a perfect blend of our experience and expertise, we serve our clients of transportation and logistics industry in the best way we can in the below aspects

Our Transport and Logistics Service Offering

With a dedicated team comprised of professionals who have in-depth expertise of the transport and logistics sector help our customers in all of their performance and competitiveness issues to gain visibility into the supply chain, improve strategic decision making and deliver more efficient customer service. The transport and logistics industry is central to the evolution of an efficient global marketplace. It is also an industry with evolving legal and regulatory demands requiring advice and counsel that looks beyond the borders of a single country. Having been involved in some of the largest and most complex business turnarounds and restructures, we are ideally placed to guide management teams and financiers through the unique challenges presented within the Transport and Logistics sector in the facets of,



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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."

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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."