Today’s Social media has created an irreversible shift in its need owing to the business challenges which were troublesome to face in an atmosphere of higher customer expectations. With Social computing, the way we connect and share in our personal lives and—increasingly—in business, an organization can obtain a wider approach in sourcing ideas, throwing the process open to employees, customers and business partners. But the process has to be maintained seamlessly so that employees feel empowered to submit ideas king that their suggestions will be taken seriously. The main aim of any social computing service is to achieve workplace collaboration and leveraging knowledge so as to attain higher workforce productivity by achieving collaboration in the workplace and leveraging knowledge.

With the spurt in social computing services, there has been an increasing focus on integrating social platforms like websites, blogs, forums, podcasts and wikis into your different business systems like marketing, sales, customer support and corporate communications to successfully exploit the true potential of the Social Web in today’s “always connected” consumer environment.

Business Trends Driving Adoption of Social Computing Technologies:

At SPB Corp, we understand that the dynamic changes taking place in today’s Social Computing technology has caused Marketing and Technology evolve and converge at breakneck speed.We have determined that, the lack of collaboration tools has consumed valuable time of consumers,in great extent;in searching the information they were looking to complete their jobs. Hence, the first step towards the development of ‘Social Computing Network’ was the procurement of collaboration tools in order to eradicatechallenges that disappointed the higher output expectations of the clients.

We help organizations tap into the unprecedented potential of these ground-breaking technologies to increase importance given to peer opinions and communities, a sort of cross-chatter within an organization, that will bring good ideas to the fore and can also serve as vehicles for expanding on and sharpening those ideas. Learning to make the most of your Internet connection, whether it's for communication, research, marketing, or publishing, SPB Corp can bring its expertise in these areas to you, helping you take advantage of the power of the Internet without the steep learning curve.

Business Necessities

The secret to social media success is to evaluate the idea that encompasses a tight alignment with company business objectives, to look at business benefit versus ease of implementationto benchmark performance against pre-defined goals. Social strategy comes down to a basic five-step process:

SPB Corp Social Computing Portfolio

SPB Corp, being a one stop solution for the creation of your organization’s online life, which is a reflection of our real life communities believes that, social networks should be conducive and have the right applications which enable highly efficient social behavior.Everyday we strive hard to become the global partner for leading IT organization’s businesses of all sorts to leverage present and future technologies with a strategy-driven approach.An unparalleled, holistic technological and industry expertise of our team helps deliver disproportionate business value for their customers and shareholders. Our service and solutions wing extends to a wide variety of business platforms offering influences in Mobility, Cloud Computing and Analytics to enable the world’s top businesses and organizations.

SPB Corp’s Social Computing Services with its harness to the power of social computing helplyou shape a web presence for the 21st century, incorporating social components and up-to-date technology, and focusing on the needs of our clients.

Our Tailor made best-of-breed Social Computing Services for your end-to-end portal and collaboration solutions include:

  • Business analysis, requirements&Software acquisition assessment, and documentation&justification for increased customer rendezvous and employee productivity
  • Open Source security and scalability analysis to strengthen stakeholders trust and User experience services
  • End-to-end engineering of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Solution architecture
  • Assessment for tapping into collective social intelligence
  • Step-by-step transformation and migration from traditional web application to RIAs
  • Complete development lifecycle for Social Computing, Portal, Content & Document Management, Business Process Integration, Mobile Computing and SOA
  • Integration with other social networking sites, blogs, and wikis to increase gain maximum return on minimum investment
  • Infrastructure sizing and architecture, performance engineering, and scalability improvement services for your existing online properties to achieve 99.9% availability
  • On-site, ON & OFF-Premise, and global delivery with 24x7 maintenance and support services
  • Transforming Online Retail Using Social User Data Analytics, Next Generation Mobile Marketing and Next Generation Social Banking
  • Help you implement Gamification into your existing or new enterprise mobile applications.

The SPB Corp Advantage

With our mission to provide world-class IT business consulting solutions, SPB Corp has perfected its service offerings in every possible ways to help its customer solve key business problems and significantly improve efficiency. With a complete view across your multiple business channels to ensure business efficiency, replete with influence analysis and other dashboards, our partnership offers you the following benefits:

  • Seamless integration of social media conversations with your traditional CRM processes to align IT with the business objectives of the organization
  • Leverage customer's existing investments and lower their TCO through more efficient acquisition and maintenance costs to generate a higher ratio of revenues and financial assets as compared to the competitors in the market
  • Listening tools capability, which allows you to listen to the voice of your customers by crawling the data and analyzing it thereby, enabling our customers’ competitive edge by integrating and developing software that is unique in their respective industries
  • Lowering the risk of non-compliance with industry regulations by providing a home-grown solution for data monitoring and listening, which can be integrated with social networks
  • develop software faster, cheaper, and with a higher level of quality and user satisfaction with an insight on customers’ views on products and services through sentiment analysis
  • Taking a global approach to any size project by integrating market-leading products and open source technologies allow you to work in global environment with an accessibility drop, drag & configure feature to your social projects with decreased time span of data processing enhancing data analysis productivity.
  • Utilizing our System Integration (SI) expertise along with end-to-end solutions for monitoring, preventing, recovering and controlling fraudulent incidents related to financial transactions

Our social computing and all other services firmly believe that, whatever field you may belong to, or whichever department you come from, We are always Customer-Centric. Therefore, we always work towards their satisfaction and that is the reason we have put forth a tab of “SOCIAL COMPUTING”in our service offerings.



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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."

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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."