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Today, consumers and professionals, instead of spending time browsing for content on multiple channels use the search operators to gain rapid access to the information and services they need. Therefore, all managements of corporate content are at the top of business agenda in order to cope up with the explosion of content in all its forms.

Such anemergence has made today’s content management systems, greatly focus on bringing the most relevant data in a ‘click’ under a plethora of Infomediaries, mobile platforms, application, social-media and multi-brand stores. A Content Management System is a Web application which, by streamlining the web publishing process, enables easy content authoring, quick and efficient build, deploy, and maintain content-rich web sites.

SPB Corp’s content management systems helps your business operate more efficiently, make smarter decisions and become more competitive through a rapid access to the information and services you need. Our domain expertise helps us greatly; manage unstructured data by using well-defined processes for creating, managing, delivering and archiving information. We help our customers face challenges in managing voluminouselectronic documents, cut down paper trails, support and integrate different content types efficiently. We also give a special eye to some of the most important enterprise content foundation capabilities such as security, access control, workflow, and tailored content-type-specific offerings.

Our ECM Service offerings:

SPB Corp’s Content Management Services are focused in ensuring optimal performance and help you enhance ECM investment. Whether you are deploying your first application or running a large system in production, our ECM services span the gamut of managing enterprise documents & records, web content, digital management, etc. Our services are thoroughly tailored to help our clients meet business continuity, process integration and compliance requirements.

Our ECM services include:

  • Content management and distribution services to streamline the process of producing, managing, and distributing content
  • Solutions to streamline the process of producing, managing, and distributing contentto create efficient workflows, integrated asset and rights management, and efficient storage and retrieval of data
  • Content &Document management and distribution services (abstraction indexing/summarization) for publishing and business information services
  • Translation services-SD to HD, SD/HD to 3D, graphics and 3D/2D animation services
  • HTML and XML conversion services as a part of content management for publishing and business information services
  • Voice/ data/ video and device testing services–Data: Content quality assurance, format and packaging standard testing, metadata/ markup standard testing, conversion testing Solutions to create and manage SEO optimized content for various platforms and devices
  • Customer centricity solution, an engine that helps to personalize content, promotions, book sales and advertisements
  • Cyberscan tool leveraging big data (Hadoop) tool and semantic search techniques for crawling, tracking, indexing and searching content across multiple platforms
  • Content 2.0, a network publishing platform for new age publishers streamlines multi-channel content delivery process and integrates disparate systems

Our Capabilities

Without an in-house technical expert, it often becomes tedious and cumbersome to maintain a website for most businesses. Be it a highly interactive custom-built CMS for a brand website; a simple and user-friendly CMS for self-managed portal; or an enterprise wide content management system, the easiest and the most effective solution is a well developed CMS site that can systematize your website update process.

SPB Corp’s Content Management offers best services and solutions for each of your enterprise requirement.We can:

  • Build, test and deploy the best tools to meet your content management needs.
  • Customize, automate web template, enable easy content editing, include plugins and modules integration thereby making the CMS more enhanced
  • Work with leading vendors and apply cost-effective, reusable assets whenever possible, often using our global delivery network.
  • Take complete ownership over the design and style part of the website and provide application management outsourcing services for maximum long-term advantage.

SPB Corp Advantage

Enterprises need active features that enable content authoring, editing and approval workflows easy and efficient. SPB Corp, through its ECM servicescreates enterprise grade web content management solutions and deploys them as large scale platforms for a wide range of industries. We ensure that businesses can deliver formally curated content with all checks and balances in place in addition to, facilitating content aggregation, collaboration and syndication. Our solutions also integrate version control, which helps editors easily revert to any previously saved versions.

  • Thought leadership in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Knowledge Management
  • In depth knowledge of ECM application areas and enabling technologies across different platforms
  • Ability to start small and then scale quickly while having the big picture in mind
  • Ability to identify and articulate knowledge needs across the organization
  • Domain expertise in retail, manufacturing, life sciences and utilities sector
  • Truly technology agonistic advice for "Best Fit" solution for the customer
  • Ability to make several technology pieces work together thereby leveraging IT investments
  • Alliances with the best of breed technology providers



  • Russel Reagan CCD Realestate

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."

  • Steven gerrard Molt BVG

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."