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The World’s internet traffic is moving towardsmultiple mobile platforms and devices on the market to give your business a distinct identity among your competitors and gives your customers and users an easy and modern way to reach you from anywhere on the go.Mobile devices are now so embedded in our daily lives with a number of development platforms, rules, and user-interfaces.With the proliferation of wider variety of mobile platforms, developing an application for each type of individual platform, so as to cater to wider audience, is no longer a viable solutionfor businesses and mobile app developers. At the same time, developing multiple apps for different operating systems involves cumulative costs in maintaining and building, native and unique solutionsand of course, businesses cannot choose to ignore one platform over the other because of diverse user-base. Therefore, whether its iOS app development, Android app development, Windows Mobile app development or BlackBerry app development your company is looking to do – the best option is to build them as cross platform applications for considerable reduction in the cost and effort. The benefits of having a cross platform application are huge. With millions of users having positive access, you’ll gain a global scale of audience, increasing your sales and bringing potential to your business becoming a world-wide success.

Benefits of Cross Platform App

Today, almost every mobile device are using the cross platform mobile development technologies as one of the most sought after mobile app development platform with writing a minimal amount of source code to get their native apps to look, feel and function across any platform or device which is what your business and customers need. Some of the key benefits of cross platform mobile development technologies are:

Our Cross Platform App Development Strategy

At SPB Corp, its dynamic, talented engineering and management specialistsare well versed at creating cross platform applications, in this era of rapidly updating operating systems, that can very efficiently & effectively work over various platforms with uniform features and look to help you generate brand value through multiple platforms and reach target audience. Backed up with a team of talented user interface designers who go an extra mile to deliver the best cross platform mobile apps as per the clients' specific requirements, we plan effective, fine-tuned process to offer the best services for cross platform apps development to help our customers gain the maximum revenue for their business.We offer cross platform software development services across a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux.

Mac - Orbital can develop software applications for Mac OS 7.5 to the latest version of Mac OS X, including classic, carbon and native Mac OS environments.

Windows - Orbital can develop software applications that run on any Windows platform.

UNIX / Linux - Orbital can develop software applications for any variety of UNIX or Linux platforms. We offer a highly flexible, proven engagement model that starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your business and IT requirements and carefully craft your app to ensure it reaches its full potential for a particular platform, ensuring smooth dexterity that yields valuable returns for businesses including reductions in time-to-market & development costs, an increase in revenues along with real time benefits for the users.

We begin our cross platform app development process through a framework that allows us to effectivelyunderstand your business requirements and provide innovative and cost-effective solutions with experience and knowledge of mobile technology coupled with in-depth research of your domain and ensure that we deliver killer strategies for your business.

Platform Research

  • Through ground work on all the operating platforms on which the application has to run
  • Clearly assess the strength and weakness of each to determine the right platform to build the application on for best performance
  • Determine the correct approach for application development on each platform, given the required application functionality
  • Client interactions to ensure an agreement over the optimal course of action to take

Shared Code Approach

  • Unique strategy followed during development process to extract maximum efficiency and less time
  • Sharing of core application functionality, portion of the program code, across platforms to enable code reusability, reduce development time & cost.
  • Helps to achieve better “closeness” between two or more applications that are being developed on the same platform.


Once the above issues have been addressed, we will develop the software application on a target platform in a manner that meets the exacting needs of our client.

Quality Assurance

  • Rigorous testing of the application throughout the development process
  • Set interim milestones to ensure that our clients are up-to-date with the development process and to achieve promised on time delivery
  • Determine key advances, additional features and any outstanding or resolved issues using executables accompanied with release notes
  • Help client Product Manager or Program Manager and one or two QA Engineers to assess such contingencies

Acceptance Testing

  • Delivery of the application to clients once internal testing team has approved
  • Help clients concentrate on the QA resources on the product

At SPB Corp we believe that, such a business strategy of ours help your business to be available in the right market at the right time.

Our Cross Platform App Development Service Portfolio

At SPB Corp, we offer Cross Platform App Development Service through the usage of standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and come up with solutions that make the most sense for what our clients want to achieve with their applications. Our service and solutions are spread across a variety of categories such as,

Our service portfolio includes,

  • Designing and developing protocol stacks such as XCAP, SIGCOMP, RTP, HTTP, SOAP XML, REST etc. in C and Java with Abstraction modules for different Operating Systems
  • Agile cross-platform development methodology
  • Customize, integrate, install, deploy and implement open source packages
  • Create native mobile apps for multiple devices & operating systems
  • Write code to third party toolkit access to native APIs using cross platform mobile development tools like Titanium or PhonegapBuild apps using HTML, Javascript and CSSTitanium, Appcelerator and PhoneGap.
  • Technical troubleshooting, Quality assurance testing, Comprehensive enterprise services to enhance business visibility
  • Create apps with UX targeted for consumers & enterprises
  • Mobile solutions from small to composite mobile applications
  • Leverage open source libraries and frameworks for web solutions
  • Consulting and integration services to enterprises
  • Integrating apps with GPS, maps, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, media integration
  • Publish apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WPService customers in a variety of marketplacesSocial media optimizationAnalytics support
  • M-commerce, Education & e-Learning and Social media application development
  • Flexible, scalable, and cost effective pricing with reduced development and long-term maintenance cost
  • Support to clients in product roll-out, and meeting timelines
  • 24x7 Complete support from mobile app strategy through development

We clearly understand that each platform is unique, have different attributes and capabilities and therefore, we have the proven track record for creating and developing outstanding cross platform mobile applications by employing diverse frameworks to provide an advanced functionality to the app while enhancing its business value.

SPB Advantage

With SPB Corp the good news about cross platform applications is that, you don’t have to do the hard work - we’ll do it for you while you could be enjoying an expanding and loyal customer base and a healthy rise in your ROI.SPB Corp, through every corner of business, strives to become a premier partner in Cross platform Development Services for our clients through its incredibly skilled and well-versed in the technical knowhow of each platform to ensure faster development of apps and reduced development costs for our clients.

While working with us, some of the key benefits you’ll enjoy are,

  • Use open source technologies which greatly reduce costs and better user experience in terms of functionality, improved usability and interactive designs.
  • Enable web technologies to deliver native look, feel and functionality to all devices.
  • Can assist with distribution of your app to the Apple App Store, Google’s Play, BlackBerry App World or Window’s Marketplace.
  • Test it thoroughly through unit testing, test automation, testing on various platforms and devices, testing on different screen sizes, etc, before the apps goes out in the wild.
  • Iterative design and development of apps through Scrum and Extreme Programming Methodologies
  • Dedicated team with Expertise in Cross-Platform apps developmentto assist you at every phase to ensure that apps perform best in every platform
  • Proven expertise in App Porting, Migration & Upgrade, Captivating Mobile UI/UX Design that enhance engagement
  • Well-designed UI that gives edge to your apps with Efficient troubleshooting and debugging techniques
  • Continuous improvement to meet your needs while keeping updated about current trends in Industry
  • Effective communication 24/7 Post development support through your preferred communication medium

At SPB Corp, we map out a plan to design a cross platform application that suits you best with lot of thought and effort going into it to just get it right as per your business needs.



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