“Engage yours customers to Untether, unlock, unleash – mobility, a new way to improve workforce productivity”

Mobile technologies today have untethered businesses from their fixed location, unlocked immense value, and unleashed solutions to further help businesses.Collaboration, connectivity and communication are the need of the hour for organizations. It is a constant endeavor to improve employee interactivity and create seamless experiences for customers while having real-time engagements with the field force.There has been a shift in the way businesses operate – smartphones, tablets and laptops are replacing the desktop at the same time, technology savvy customers expect to engage their mobile devices when making buying decisions and managing purchases.More important than ever, workforce productivity and efficiency drives the stability and competitiveness of companies of all industries.However, companies encounter challenges in their journey to unlock the opportunities offered by mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) is a new turnkey solution for today's interconnected, distributed apps, offering an “easy to deploy” middleware server that hosts loadable custom API and data access modules.Unlike a custom server built from the ground up, Enterprise Mobility Services offers a solution and an infrastructure that is ready to go, significantly reducing development and configuration time.Mobility is all about putting business in motion, conducting business with anyone, anywhere, anytime.The key areas of a business where mobility solutions can have a significant impact are:

  • Mobile Field force productivity
  • workforce automation
  • enterprise collaboration dashboards for insights and automation
  • consumer applications - commerce, engagement, service

Mobility is considered as the most disruptive technology innovation in today's business world that enable organizations to be highly productive and customer centric by making information available at the right time to the right person with a SIMPLE CLICK!

SPB Corp’s Mobility Solutions

At SPB Corp, we offer a wide range of mobility solutions, with advanced accelerators that can give your business the true Mobile advantage, introducing capable applications and services leveraging contextual data to reach out to customers effectively and enhance the way companies do business.Through our Centers of Excellence, innovation centers and partnership with mobile enterprise technology leaders,delivered end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions across industry verticals that delivered quantifiable resultsthat are safe, robust and cost-effective, as well seamlessly integrate into your IT landscape. Our Mobility services redefine the rules of user experience with anytime, anywhere availability and soon it becomes a necessity for future-ready, borderless global enterprise with unprecedented opportunities for businesses and employees alike.

Some of the key benefits, we believe that, you will enjoy while working with our Mobility services are,

  • One-stop shop – Manage your entire mobility service lifecycle from a single cloud platform with Streamline operations.
  • Transparency – Know everything about your mobility services instantly. Improve operational efficiency by automating tasks across your mobility service lifecycle, from shopping and onboarding to cost allocation. Manage your mobility services at the lowest possible cost.
  • Automation – Confidently run your mobility deployment with near-zero touch provisioning.Leverage automated rules to utilize unused inventory, upgrade devices at the right time and limit your spare inventory.
  • Self-serve – Have all the controls you need right at your fingertips.Self-support tools to quickly help your employees without calling your carrier’s customer care team.

At SPB Corp, we understand the current trends in the marketplace which enable our team of experts to develop mobile, platform, and independent solutions, ensuring the utmost flexibility to meet your company’s individual requirements which is why, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading mobile software companies.

Business Challenges and Capabilities

Meeting the IT demands of an increasingly mobilized workforce can be daunting and complex even with a comprehensive set of solutions that addresses every phase of the mobility lifecycle—from device selection to emerging security concerns. However, with our mature wireless networks and mobile solutions we enable our Mobility Services run from advisory to strategy consulting through design and transformation covering every aspect of mobile application development—both on the enterprise-side and consumer-facing side.

Some of the key Business Challenges which we consider are,

Create new mobile-driven business processes:

The adoption of smartphones has reached even the traditionally non-mobile sections of the workforce. With the disappearance of the business / consumer divide in terms of adoption of technologies, companies are increasingly forced to revamp their business processes, in order to realize the potential benefits of mobiles. These new business processes are centered on the concept of mobility, which involve technologies such as cloud and analytics, and use context-driven and location-aware data to influence the way companies function.

Define new business models for mobile implementation:

The speed of change within mobile technologies, combined with multiplicity of platforms and releases, has stretched the resources of companies. Mobility today offers newer business streams, but managing mobile implementation has become a much more complex affair. Companies need to look beyond the models they have been using to manage their IT and look for mobility-specific business models such as on-demand provisioning, pay-per-use pricing, and the ‘free+premium’ model for app usage.

IT policies vs. smartphone app explosion:

The availability of sleeker, better-equipped phones in the market are throwing the traditional IT policies in the backseat. Companies are facing tremendous pressures from their employees for better devices, or worse still, to adopt a ‘bring your own device’ policy. The implications of such policies for security are tremendous. These pressures add complexity to management of apps and devices for companies.

Our Mobility solutions help you make informed and intelligent decisions to achieve better business results, enabling you to experience a connected ecosystem centred on:

MobileFirst Device Procurement and Deployment Services delivering high quality service desk services with analytics to reduce and resolve incidents more efficiently with multiple service options for any device.

Employee Services –

  • for productivity improvement (up to 30%) through simple workflows and optimized processes
  • Delivers services to assess, design and implement wireless infrastructure to connect employees and customers in support of mobile applications.

Services to securely access and manage enterprise mobile devices and app stores which reduces risk and complexity of managing BYOD and corporate mobile devices using flexible delivery models; on-premise, managed or cloud.

Consumer services –

  • for a unique customer experience through intuitive and personal interactions across touch points
  • Delivers software and services to secure access and manage end points and applications to improve productivity and security of mobile apps and devices using flexible delivery models; on-premise, managed, or cloud.

    Field services –

    • for seamless and affordable access to business critical information anywhere, anytime
    • Delivers services to plan, procure, image, deploy and manage the lifecycle of any device for the enterprise to reduce cost and complexity.

Service Offerings

Our tailored service and solution portfolio helps Enterprises at the apex of realizing the immense potential of mobility solutions for various industry segments making us a partner of choice for companies looking for mobile solutions integrating the industry specific business processes with mobile technology.

  • Devices & Platforms, Performance, Security, Automation, Certification and Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Attached separately Mobility Assessment and Advisory Platform – MaaP
  • Personalization, Information/Content oriented Apps with better User Experience (UX)
  • Enterprise Mobile Architecture Road map Consulting.
  • Client preferred:
    • MEAPs (SAP Mobile Platform ,Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) ,Kony Development Platform ,IBM Worklight)
    • Mobile Backend As Service ( IBM BlueMix, Parse, Kinvey, App42)
    • MDM, MAM, BYOD (Airwatch, SAP Afaria, Citrix XenMobile)
    • Server side coding (.Net, Node.js, php, J2EE)
    • databases (Mongo DB, Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL)
  • Reusable Enterprise Ready Mobile Components and centers of excellence that drive down the cost and speed up projects
  • Ready to use “On The Go” Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Community, Engagement, Marketing & Loyalty services
  • Enterprise software integration through SAP Modules, Oracle EBusiness Suite, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Custom Applications
  • Time-Bound Application Development and Choice of Methodology for App Development



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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."