“SPB Corp’s eCommerce service, the most convenient and efficient in today’s always-on digital generation”

The current generation of E-Commerce is not about providing just the web-based services. It’s all about helping sellers, brands and catalogers to be much more consumer centric as the ever-evolving tech-savvies always reconnoiters multiple channels to shop, at the best prices. SPB Corp offers a complete suite of enterprise-leading E-Commerce Platform which will take care of all aspects of your ecommerce business successfully. Our mobility solutions help you get agile, flexible and efficient to maintain digital systems in close alignment with your non-digital set up. Out tailor made eCommerceservice enables a smooth transition to a consumer-centric model and helps our clients achieve better Return on Investment(ROI) and reduce Total Cost of Ownership(TCO).

How We Work?

Our cutting edge eCommerce solution, gives us an edge in understanding market challenges and helps in delivering client focused ecommerce strategies. Our services cater to various business formats like Business -2-Business (B2B), Business-2-Customers (B2C), Market Place, Multi-vendor & Multi-Category stores for Retailers, Pure online players, Brands & Manufacturers

SPB Corp’s end-to-end e-Commerce services,with highly skilled teamspecializes in services across Cataloguing, Merchandising, Online marketing, Technology Enablement &Fulfilmentand a high expertise I in seamlessly integrating online stores with offline retail outlets, by harnessing the potential of leading ecommerce platforms.

At SPB Corp, we follow a three stage philosophy of EMPOWER, IMPLEMENT, and IMPROVEthat adapts and scales to the unique selling and buying scenarios client specific industry needs. Our services are backed by the state of the art infrastructure which supports round the clock functioning of the e-Retailers and Online Marketplaces across the country.

We EMPOWERRetailers for their e-Commerce journey by providing implementations services through a highly efficient Industry recognized leading integrated e-Commerce platform. This entails:

Once the website has goes live we engage with our clients to IMPLEMENTand manage e-Commerce operations such as:

We further work hand-in-hand with our clients to IMPROVEtheir e-Commerce business by providing End-to-End e-Commerce marketing services. We consult on an outcome based approach to devise and run an integrated e-Commerce strategy which goes beyond the basic e-Commerce operations. This includes:

SPB Corp’s E-Commerce Service Benefits

SPB Copr’seCommerce Suite was built to support the needs of both B2C and B2B ecommerce from a single platform with its unlimited design flexibility, you can create B2C sites that deliver the relevant, engaging experiences consumers expect. Your B2B sites can offer a B2C-like customer experience with added functionality designed specifically for the unique requirements of business users. And since the same ecommerce platform supports both B2C and B2B sites, you can develop new channels and business models with a dramatically lower investment and without the need to maintain separate systems. We offer,

  • Efficient integration of your operational business schemes with a single cloud-based platform.
  • Create pertinent and tailored omnichannel shopping experiences to customers across in-store, web and mobile channels.
  • Drive a consistent brand experience by maintaining full creative control over your website.
  • Provide an optimized experience to any device with responsive web design.
  • Expand your online business by selling through multiple brands, languages and currencies atop a single ecommerce platform.
  • Service any type of customer whether small or large, individual (B2C) or business (B2B).

With SPB Corp as your eCommerce partner, you focus on product development, production, and brand management, while we handle your online business—acting as your e-commerce division and committed to achieving measurable success.



  • Russel Reagan CCD Realestate

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."

  • Steven gerrard Molt BVG

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."