“Automate, Modernize & Integrate Your Core Business Processes with next generation Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions and drive competitive advantage”

Today’s billion dollar industries that produce various components for numerous business functions an error–free process is mandatoryto attain supreme benefit.Implementing an ERP system is an opportunity for the organization to fundamentally re-structure how it does business and, optimize its processes for maximum profit.

The early generation of ERP solutions were effective for their time—but for today’s rapidly shifting market trends, increasing competition and more demanding customers, drive the need for the next generation of ERP innovation. But, implementing today’s ERP solutions can be complex, costly and spiral out of control when incessant variations are required as the organization's needs evolve. This is where, SPB Corp’s end-to-end ERP solution suite, with deep expertise in Oracle and SAP Enterprise Solutions Implementation, helps our customers to become more adaptive and respond to changing market environments.

Our ERP Service Offerings

At SPB Corp, our mission is to provide single, end-to-end, world class ERP Solution across various industries, using innovation and industry leading best practices, designed to streamline business and deliver competitive advantages to our clients.

SPB Corp’s ERP is built on 100% Microsoft platform with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlined process, higher flexibility & scalabilitywhich can be deployed to fit your unique operational needs, resources, and budget, including on-site installation, hosted, or as a SaaS or Cloud application.

We offer modular approach on top priority services like,

Oracle Enterprise Solutions

In today's competitive IT era, business environment rewards those who can act faster and more efficiently to deliver higher levels of business process efficiency and increased productivity. To do so, better workflow integration, leveraging data and processes using the latest Oracle enterprise resource planning applications and technologies in ways that directly impact the bottom line are of top priority.

SPB Corp’s ERP Oracle Business Suite offers specialized services and resources to help you make faster and better decisions to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. We strongly believe that, it is the fastest path to entertain high-quality enterprise intelligence, enhancing an organization; a true 360-degree view of its finances, customers, and supply chains.

Our ERP Oracle Solution helps to connect business processes applications within and across departmental, geographical, and line-of-business domains with a range of service such as,

  • A new breed of solution—modernizing your legacy ERP system by implementing Oracle Fusion Applications, to comply with business requirements through an adaptable business architecture and configurable engine approach using our expertise.
  • Develop seamless integration of data flow which can help transform your business processes across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, or HR, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
  • Effective planning and implementation of your Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite R12) applications and determine how to leverage Oracle Cloud Applications to maximize the benefits of the latest generation of business applications.
  • Provide a strategic and tactical approach to achieve consistent, repeatable & predictable results and optimization with our Oracle ERP services

SAAP Enterprise Solutions

SAP has been the standard in the ERP which has become the nerve centers at the customer organizationsdue to its flexibility in functionality which enables to transform, design, implement and maintain customer’s ERP solutions efficiently and cost effectively.

SPB Corp is striving to get positioned as a Leading Global SAP Partner by deploying a wide range of proven transformation methodologiesacross every industry vertical around the world, helping its customers keep several steps ahead of the competition.

SPB Corp’s SAP enterprise solutions with simplified technology landscapes, integrated processes and streamlined operations enable companies across industries and geographies to get benefit with improved agility and performance,

  • SAP Solution Assessment and Architecture Managementprovides business assessment and diligence studies with SAP NetWeaver platform, to help enterprises define their SAP business strategy and transformation roadmap. This covers mapping the key business processes, specifically for service lines covering information analysis and of corporate reporting, portals and mobility, architecture and process integration, systems management and developments with our unique SAP business suite functionality.
  • SAP Application Management & Systems Managementservice provide clear value accrual to its clients over in-house maintenance option including service quality and productivity improvements. We implement the management and provision of applications support services and SAP systems based on a range of services covering onsite, near-shore, and offshore blended options for functional, technical and basis support. This helps formalizing and speeding up all activities and management through an own information system, available to all stakeholders of our clients.

    SAAP Enterprise Solutions

  • SAP Financial Management Solutionis built around a comprehensive set of Financials modules to run financial services on SAP platform. Our specific service lines covering the statutory accounting requirements, consolidation processes,the processes of budget preparation and monitoring, with increased strategic control of financial master data of the company and cash.
  • Logistics & Operations Management provides and performs services in logistics and operations on SAP platform, specifically service lines that include sales and customer service, procurement, planning and monitoring the implementation of production, storage, transport and distribution.
  • Human capital management provides and performs services for human resource areas on SAP platform, specifically service lines that include personnel administration and payroll, talent management, portals (employee, manager, recruitment and training) and prevention of occupational hazards and occupational health management.
  • OurSAP solutions for midsize businesses offers SAP Business all-in-one applications, adapted to mid-sized businesses. It consists of prepackaged ERP, CRM and BI solutions, available as service or by purchase with financing.



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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."

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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."