“Tap into the deluge of data with SPB Corp’s end-to-end Big Data Solutions and Services, to help you define and deliver your big data strategy”

Nowadays, Information Assets creates large volumes of unstructured dataevery day by machines as well as billions of people,much of it coming from new sources including financial and retail transactions, web logs, RFID, sensor networks, social media, call detail records, ecommerce, medical records and more. However, traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools aren’t equipped to deal with this burgeoning volume of data every day for enterprises wanting to harness it for business value. Companies are now capturing trillions of bytes of informationto process, analyze and archive bundles of data in a civilized manner to improve business operations, make faster and smarter decisions.Whether data is local, in the cloud or both, to unlock the value hidden in their data companies must start treating data as a supply chain, to rapidly provide insights on operations, customers and productsto capture, store, correlate, analyse, search, visualize, and share data in ways your organization demands.

BigData holds a significant place in the dictionary of SPB Corp to help organizations determine the value of big data to their bottom line. Our advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions, including Big Data Platform as a Service, support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards and master data managementthat can help organizations capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data and derive actionable insights from their data. We handle BigData of varied volume, velocity, variety and complexityas companies look to start leveraging the transformational power of data to anticipate market demands, predict business outcomes before opportunities are missed and respond to events in real time.By the term BigData we not only focus upon the handling of simple data, but involve heavy volumes of log files, social media, data extracted from operational systems, sensors and every kind of data archive irrespective of the source it exhibitsCreating a seamless customer experience in a digital world is a primary challenge that several organizations across the globe are grappling with.

At SPB Corp, we believe that “BigData” has three scopes:

As your trusted partner, SPB Corp with its proven expertise in mature technologies and thought leadership, work to help you bring order to your Big Data with new open source tools like Hadoop, Hive and Pig, which are all aimed at storing and analyzing big data along with an army of proprietary tools, also designed for the same functions.Whatever your Big Data challenges are, we'll provide you the strategic guidance you need to succeed with our rich technical competencies to define a Big Data tactic for your organization, integrate Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower your business.

Key Capabilities

At SPB Corp, we apply the right blend of onsite and offshore models to deliver large-scale cost effective solutions to gather, store &manage your data implementing utmost security measures preventing unauthorized access to it. Our service methodology is supported by a cloud-based platform leveraging a variety of big data technologies and visualization tools to facilitate rapid data generation at varying speeds and types, manage and analyse it, thereby enabling it to flow easily and usefully through the entire organization—and eventually throughout each company’s ecosystem of partners, including suppliers and customers. Our Key Capabilities include:

  • Review of existing infrastructure including hardware, software and data flows
  • Design pilot system using appropriate Big Data technologies
  • Installation and configuration of Big Data platform
  • Optimize and tune Hadoop layer for enterprise use
  • Develop and deploy reliable and scalable enterprise-grade production-ready Hadoop solutions
  • Drive operational excellence and establish change across enterprise functions

Business Values Addressed

Simplified BigData Manipulation

The wide range of data tools enables the data scientist to manipulate, analyze, and transform the massive volumes of BigData over a short period of time. The manipulation of data requires different scripting languages to filter, evaluate and group data under a single umbrella of HDFS. The timely prepared language scriptsare easily shared across other qualified teams of programmers, and give a complete access for further ramifications as well as manipulations.

Freedom of Coding the Interface

Emarkay Systems Inc. solutions for BigData pave the two-way traffic of data processing i.e. loading as well as extraction of data. The biggest challenge faced by the data scientists and analysts was the underlying complexities of coding and transcription of data followed by unbreakable codes. We eradicate the technical barriers and need to learn the codes to make the necessary data available to a wide range of developers. We work with a desire to ease the life of our clients by allowing them to focus on data analysis not the technical coding. The implementation and adoption of BigData technology no longer requires a must PhD to un-code the access to big data technology.

Empower the Data Analysts & Scientists

Emarkay solutions give discreet value to the teams of programmers following the BigData implementation. A data scientist is tasked with the analysis of a complex business problem, and deriving the root cause to give a solution that leverages the available data. Thus, the data scientist and BigDatagoes hand in hand, whereas the BigData solutions given by us empowers the bonding between the two.

Increased Productivity

Our BigData service allow you to work in a graphical-friendly environment with an accessibility of drop, drag & configure Big Data projects in minutes, not weeks and not days. The decreased time span of data processing has enhanced the productivity of data analysis.

BigData – Big Integration

As the name implies, we help you to manage your data flow irrespective of its size. No matter your data house exhibits small data, big data or just data, the integration and coding the interface is tasked to expert data scientists with a transcription performed in few hours.

SPB Corp’s Big Data Service Offerings

With Big Data become as the buzzword in today’s IT industry, we build repeatable capabilities at the level of functional intelligence and then translate those functional capabilities into Industry Specific Solutions. Creating a powerful customer value proposition requires understanding customer behavior, preferences and needs along with product/service lifecycle and linking these with ongoing operational transactions and past behavior. Our services are focused to those who desire to gain the benefits of BigData and are intended to enhance the pace of work. Our service portfolio includesa robust set of big data service offerings to cater to customer needs:

  • Business-level Big data strategy and roadmap definition
  • Technology evaluation and piloting to reduce the risk and cost of implementing new technologies
  • Big data Analytics Models / Framework: Development & Enhancement for Business Organization
  • Big Data Infrastructure Set-up and Management
  • Data migration and enterprise data harmonization with existing network
  • Design, development, Installation and administration of Hadoop Technologies
  • Provide high performance analytics by parallel processing&High performance visual analytics with reports, tag-clouds
  • moving data between Hive and Hadoop's distributed file system and SAP HANA with Cloudera products
  • Processing text to extract relevant data from Hadoop and Social Graph Analytics
  • Off the shelf logical data model tailored for multiple domains and Tiered stack with physical realizations of loosely-coupled, reusable building blocks, typically implemented in analytics packages Integration - Informatica, Pentaho, Tableau
  • Appliances - GreenplumHadoop, Teradata Aster, HP Vertica, Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Analytics- Mahout, Weka, RapidMiner, R, SAS® Enterprise MinerTM, SAS® Visual Analytics, IBM InfoSphere™ BigInsights
  • DW Appliances- Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalytics, IBM® Netezza®, Teradata, Greenplum, SAP HANA, Microsoft ParallelDW
  • 24x7 full cycle support

SPB Corp Advantage

At SPB Corp, our passion is to help our customers analyze their business-critical data and make wise decisions for better business outcomes by providing client-specific custom Big Data Serviceswhich can benefit re-imagine their business. Partnering for your Big Data services brings you advantages as given below,

  • Credible years of experience in working with the leading enterprises successfully ensuring a seamless customer experience across products, channels and lifecycle
  • State-of-art Big Data connectors and solution accelerators to increase profitability by enhanced customer targeting through cross/up sell
  • In-house built Big Data Analytics platform with collection of reusable components that can bring in over 35% reduction in Analytics solution cost and 30%efficiency in project deliveries
  • Deep knowledge of Big Data technologies through our Big Data innovation Lab for rapid prototyping and POC; and equipped with a large group of highly skilled team members both onsite and offshore delivering cost effective solutions
  • Thorough understanding of client’s business-specific Big Data challenges and recommend possible approaches through joint strategy discussions with client’s leadership team
  • Tailor made solution framework based on technical assessments to recommend suitable solutions based on particular Big Data technology by developing proof-of-concepts
  • Independent from particular technologies; multiple variants across open source, commercial low cost &commercial best of breed

Come join hands with us and get benefitted through our Big Data Consulting Services for enterprise-specific real-time data analytics, data management, and reporting with experience working across industries (Public Sector, Media, Hi-Tech, Life Science, and BFSI).



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    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."