“Cloud is not just where you do computing, it is a better way of computing to reach your business destination, from anywhere in the world”

Today, Social, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics play a major role in almost every business conversations empowering enterprises transform their business strategy, by quickening digital innovation, allowing agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market.

Cloud Computing is a method of delivering Software as a Service (SaaS), a process of delivering/enabling scalable, expandable and almost perfectly elastic software services as an on-demand model for network access. As a corner stone of a future-ready enterprise, Cloud technology reduces costs significantly, increases storage availability, enable high automation and eliminates worries about keeping applications up to date as there is an extensive flexibility and total control of data. Apart from this, Cloud computing services changed the IT scenario as much as the web did, back in the 1990s by achieving higher reliability and mobility, allowing organizations to access information anytime &anywhere.

Cloud has an enormous processing power, virtually unlimited, that can churn data into insights readily, boosting the productivity of any organization that makes use of it to deliveredits end users faster than ever, without investing in new infrastructure/applications, training new personnel, or licensing new software.

SPB Corp’s Cloud Service

Nowadays, Cloud Services has become quite a necessity rather than just being a luxury. A good way to bridge the gap between existing IT infrastructure and the cloud is to power several different approaches, with a mix of public, private and hybrid clouds to deliver services to their end users leveraging either Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service.Many organizations today embrace cloud technology and find ways to migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud looking at its enormous advantages such as consolidation, manageability, flexibility, increase ability to adapt with changing market conditions and use services on demand.

At SPB Corp, we offer a robust strategy with a holistic view of cloud solutions for all service models along with a mix of Cloud services and industry specific solutions to reach out the potentialcustomers to build and deploy applications into the Cloud environment. Our end-to-end services in place to reach out potential marketprovides cloud computing services to clients through their public cloud platform - SimpliCloud a world-class ‘Compute within-the-Cloud’ offering.

SPB Corp firmly believes that, Cloud Computing offer the essence of virtualization by taking care of your IT needs using new and dynamic ways that enterprises deliver value.When properly implemented, cloud solutions can power business transformation which presents you a service package that helps reduce your capital expenses and increase your market share with a single click. Some of the very important factors that need to be considered before sourcing for cloud services include:

With SPB Corp, Migrating to our cloud services and adoption of new streams of cloud technologies are made easy, to help you keep up the pace with the new addition of applications, long term strategies and up-to-date information we consistently add value to your cloud services.

Our Key Capabilities

Not only the experience we hold is unparalleled but, the tools used for cloud migrations are unique &work with you to understand your key business drivers and recommend the Cloud and Infrastructure solutions that best fit your needs. Some of our key capabilities in the cloud computing domain include:

Cloud Integration Services :

As enterprises are adopting more and more cloud applications, integrating environments (Cloud and on-Premise DC’s) is crucial piece for connecting these

Applications Considering following Scenarios:

  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Cloud to On-Premise
  • Cloud to Cloud ( One Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to another)

At SPB Corp, the migration and integration of cloud services is carried out through a well-defined approach for cloud integration services and Hybrid Solutions using custom APIs, Service Bus/BizTalk Services or 3rd Party products such as IBM cast Iron, Informatica Cloud and Dell Boomi.

Service Offerings

SPB Corp’s Cloud Solutions offers end to end services to organizations from understanding cloud technologies and where to start the cloud journey, how to maximize the cloud technologies in a holistic way, and to derive benefits of cloud through implementation / Migration of cloud solutions.

Our Cloud Solutions Experts make it easy to realize our customers' cloud investments through our following Cloud offerings:

  • Cloud Data Management, Private Cloud Solutions and PaaS solutions on MS Azure Platform
  • Allows you to self-provision Server, Storage, Backup, Virtualization, Middleware, EMS and Cloud solution and services real-time from anywhere, anytime Resources accessed over a secure connection
  • Facilitates instant deployment of new x86 servers in tower, rack and blade form factorswith zero capital expenditure on hardware and software
  • Highly-available multi-tenant environment dealing with installation, configuration and maintenance of Storage software and integration
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of middleware software and integration with various OS and application platform.
  • Automation of deployment and provisioning process over next-stage IaaS platform - 'VPDC’
  • Installation and configuration, integration & maintenance of Open stack software with Complete self-provisioning SimpliCloud Grids
  • On-demand Compute and Storage with instant scalability over the same network topology and policies
  • Pay-as-you-use existent in your own data centre
  • Elastic services - scale servers and storage in real time
  • Industry leading SLA monitoring backed by services credits

Our services are extremely competitively priced and we utilize the O3 (onsite-onshore-offshore) model to pass on savings to our customers with the highest SLA standards for our customers as well as 24x7 email and phone support.



  • Russel Reagan CCD Realestate

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."

  • Steven gerrard Molt BVG

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."