What does SPB Corp do?

At SPB Corp, we consistently advocate the integration of technology into various sectors we serve; thus enabling an inherent linkage with the core business with a strong belief on each individual’s innate desire to reach new heights, and the power of the individual. In today's dynamic technical and business environment, where you have a flood of information continually pouring in from multiple channels, a significant yet, a challenging approach has to be followed in extracting measurable and actionable insights from that data to make informed decisions that deliver results across your enterprise.

How does SPB Corp differ from its competitors?

SPB Corp offers the opportunity to work with exceptionally smart people, across a diverse set of organizations, solving interesting and important client problems. While most of the other leading firms can offer you these opportunities, SPB Corp does it in a uniquely collegial way. We place a high value on collaboration and work together to provide every colleague with full and ready access to the best of our firm. We enjoy working together to formulate and implement elegantly simple and durable solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on being authentic, providing candid, honest, and creative approaches that work. And, we are forward-thinking, practically applying market foresight to produce immediate results and lasting, transformational advantage for our clients.

How does SPB Corp build its image in the market?

SPB Corp has a number of initiatives to build our brand and image in the marketplace and expand our client relationships. It is our definite goals, to which we bound ourselves to achieve higher productivity and help clients to achieve business goals. our strategic core values we attract, retain, and develop the very best talent, increasing employee engagement and productivity, delivering to the customer, together as one team, seizing opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation, growing our business through our informed understanding of the diverse markets in which we operate, we harness diversity to maximize our business opportunities.

What are the keys to SPB’s success?

Unlike many of our competitors, we deliver solutions that go beyond technology and address the client's business needs. In addition, our technology competencies span mainframe and client/server to Internet/advanced technology. Lastly, SPB Corp’s mature delivery models offer a flexible framework that can adapt to our customer’s needs, delivering savings, skills, and innovation. SPB Corp wins in the market by:

Providing the right service offerings to the market – business solutions that leverage technology

  • Retaining a Global client base since inception
  • Leveraging a mature offshore model
  • Executing partnerships with the best-of-breed software companies
  • Ensuring profitability

What backgrounds do you typically recruit from for the Business Analyst position?

SPB Corp recruits people from all undergraduate backgrounds. All majors and concentrations are considered when reviewing resumes. A student who possesses a non-business graduate degree and two years of solid work experience may be considered for the senior business analyst role, at a considerable case.

I really want a job at SPB Corp! How can I get hired?

SPB Corp looks for talented people who have a wide range of interests. Most new hires have advanced degrees or significant experience working in a specific field, but they’re not specialists. We look for T-shaped people. That is people with at least one deep area of expertise and a broad reach of other skills and experiences to draw on, whether from past employment experience or personal endeavors.

What skills does SPB Corp look for in candidates?

SPB Corp seeks individuals who are creative thinkers, self-motivated, and have the drive to excel. We are interested in goal-oriented people who have the initiative and commitment to be leaders. Our entrepreneurial culture demands strong interpersonal skills and the ability to make the right decisions for our clients.

How can I find out about open positions at SPB Corp?

SPB Corp has a variety of open positions. Visit our Current Openings to find out more. How often are job advertisements updated? Are all job advertisements that are displayed on

the job portal still available?

Our job advertisements are updated periodically. If a position is filled, the job advertisement is removed immediately from the job portal. You can therefore assume that all positions on the job portal are still available.

How can I get more information about a job posting?

For more information on a job, send an e-mail to epremk@spbcorp.com. An employment specialist will answer your question or forward your inquiry to the hiring manager.

Where and how can I send my resume?

Resumes can be emailed to our offices. Please reference the detailed instructions that are provided with each position description.

Why does SPB Corp prefer online applications?

Applying online has many advantages for you and SPB Corp. We can process your application much faster, you receive an automatic confirmation of receipt, and it saves you the cost of applications on paper (postage, printing costs, application portfolio, photo, etc.). We believe online applications are no less favorable and just as informative as paper applications.

Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?

We regret that we can’t reply personally to each submission. We will review and share your submission with the appropriate people inside SPB Corp. If there's an immediate match between your talents and our needs, we will contact you directly within four weeks. (If you do not hear from us within that time, please assume that we do not have an appropriate opportunity at this point, but will certainly keep your talents in mind and your qualifications on file for any appropriate openings which may develop in the future.)

I still have questions. May I talk with someone?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants we cannot give informational interviews. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered above, please send an email to epremk@spbcorp.com. Please do not email other people from our Contacts page for job inquiries.

Can I select my own projects and project location?

on the practice you join and your office location. Make sure to ask this question during the recruiting process and your interviews.

What’s in it for me?

We strive to be an extraordinary and sustainable workplace for world-class professionals. We’ve applied the human-centered design process to our own organizational structure and processes, and we continually fine-tune our system to ensure that we effectively address employee growth and wellness. We think it’s important to examine all the factors that are valuable to a relationship between you and SPB Corp, not just the obvious ones like pay and benefits. We’ve learned that while money is an important component of offering a great place to work, it’s not the single most important aspect.

Can I apply to SPB Corp offices in more than one location? How is this process managed?

Candidates can apply to more than one office. However, they can only interview with one region, such as North America or Asia Pacific. If multiple offices are interested in a candidate, we will ask the candidate to make a decision before the interview lists are finalized. Our recruiters and Human Resources staff remain coordinated throughout the process and can assist candidates in navigating through the process.

What are the components of SPB Corp’s offer packages?

We do not discuss offer package details until an offer is extended. Our compensation packages are designed to be competitive. As such, we continually monitor trends and adjust our compensation packages as needed.



  • Russel Reagan CCD Realestate

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."

  • Steven gerrard Molt BVG

    "We had evaluated a number of companies for the projects but finally settled for SPB on the basis of their technical competency & expertise. SPB's experience in their past projects conveys all round expertise."